High Qualty Artwork

This is a work in progress, only items with download button are available.

Available here is all of the high quality artwork for all of the items that American Sales offers. All images are listed in their respective categories. To save an image just click on the link and choose "save image as". 





01-21 Roadside Auto Kit
01-18 Car Care Kit
12-98  4pc Stainless Steel Coffee Set
21-14 25pc Toolkit Flashlight
21-19  27pc Tool Tote
12-63    Stainless Commuter Mug
21-09  22pc Highway Emergency Kit
01-04 Deluxe Auto Vac
D01-22   Accident Report Kit
D50-87 Ladies 16oz Commuter Mug
D01-24 3pc Travel Set
01-27  Mr. Clean AutoDry CarWash


12-06 3pc BBQ Utensil City
12-71 12pc BBQ Utensil Set
20-113 Picnic Backpack w/ Cooler
D20-146 Mini Golf Cooler Bag
D20-147 Two Person Insulated Picnic Tote & Cooler



09-08   10pc Cutlery Set
09-05   6pc Knife Set w/ Wood Block



10-32  3 in 1 Digital camera  
D10-97  Underwater 35mm Camera  
10-100 300k Digital Camera  
10-26  FM Scanner Radio  
D10-102  Bluetooth Headset  
D10-103  128mb MP3 Player  
D20-144 8 in 1 AM/FM Dynamo Lantern  
D10-84  Weather Alert Radio  
D10-105 USB Computer Vacuum  
D16-171 RC Lamborghini  
D16-150 RC Mini Cooper S  
D16-149 RC BMW Z4 M Coupe  
D16-148 RC Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren  
D16-155 Texas Hold'em Game  
D10-67 Portable Audio System  
D10-106 Giant Calculator  
D10-107 Telescoping Flashlight  
D10-108 Mini Book & Craft Light  
D10-109 USB Mug Warmer  
10-01 Big Button Desktop Calculator  Image not avail.


Green Products

D12-146 Rubberwood Board & Serving Set   
D18-04 Rubberwood Salad & Pasta Servers   
D18-03 ULU - The original Chopping & Slicing Tool     
D18-01 Liquid Powered Clock   
D18-02 Liquid Powered Calculator   
D10-69 Dynamo Squeeze LED Light   
D18-05 4 in 1 Solar Calculator   



12-29 Sterlingcraft 18" Serving Tray   Image not avail.
12-65 10pc Manicure Set   
14-02 Polar Fleece Stadium Blanket   
D12-145 Silver 5x7 Photo Frame   
D12-126 Personal Coffee & Tea Maker   



15-26 4pc Worthy Luggage 
D15-70  2pc Luggage Set 
D15-75  Jumbo Pink Duffel Bag 
D15-79  Ultra Tote Laptop Bag 
D15-81  Personal Grooming Travel Set 


Outdoor & Recreation

20-127 Telescoping Rod & Reel Set 
20-113  Picnic Backpack w/ Cooler 
D20-139 5pc Gardeners Tool Set
20-01  Insulated 6pk Cooler Bag 
20-11  Regulation Size Basketball 
20-12  Wilson NCAA Basketball 
20-19  Wilson NFL Football 
20-17  Regulation Size Football 
D20-138  Garden Tool Set w/ Apron 
D20-140  Outdoor Clock and Weather Station 
D20-141  24oz Aluminum Sports Bottle 
D20-142  Regulation Size Soccer Ball 
D20-143  6pc Hiking Set 
D20-145  Deluxe 10pc Gardener Tool Set 
D20-108  Complete Fishing Kit 
D20-153  5x30 Binoculars 
D20-155  Camper Survival Kit 



D16-34  American Car Flag   
D12-74  Complete Flag Pole Kit   
D12-33  3'x5' American Flag   
D16-172  American Flag Golf Umbrella   



21-14  25pc Toolkit Flashlight   
21-19  27pc Tool Tote   
21-09  22pc Highway Emergency Kit   
21-12  50pc Tool Set In Hard Shell Case   
21-04  15pc Tool Set in Hard Shell Case   
21-05  41pc Bit-n-Socket in Hard Shell Case   
D21-23  87pc Pink Tool Set   
D21-35  57pc Tool Set   
D21-27  57pc PINK Tool Set   
D21-22  26pc PINK Tool Set   



20-09  Jumbo Golf Umbrella 
20-08  Folding Golf Umbrella 
20-10  Regular Golf Umbrella 
D20-150  48" Lux Wood Umbrella 
D20-154  Beach Umbrella 


Watches & Jewelry

23-06  Geneva His & Her Watch Set 
13-e27  2ct CZ Earring in Red Velvet Heart Box 
13-e32  Rose Box w/ 2ct CZ Crystal Earrings 
D13-n129  16" Magnetic Hematite Necklace w/ Purple Accents 
D13-b108  Magnetic Hematite Stretch Bracelet w/ Blue Accents 
D13-b130  Museum Collection Set 
D13-n109  16" Magnetic Hematite Necklace w/ Blue Accents 
D13-50  16" Magnetic Hematite Graduated Necklace 
D13-n127  Freshwater Pearl Necklace  
D13-n102  16" Magnetic Hematite Necklace w/ Whale Tail 
23-01  Men's Leather Band Watch w/ Genuine Diamond 
23-02  Women's Leather Band Watch w/ Genuine Diamond 
D13B-131  The Museum Collection 
D13-B131  Museum Collection Bracelet 
D13-e55  Museum Collection Earrings 
13-01  Austrian Crystal Tennis Bracelet 


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